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FocusClear Series
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FocusClear™ is non-toxic, ready to use and a water-soluble clearing agent for enhancing the transparency of cross-linking agent-fixed biological specimens and its clearing effect is able to reach up to a depth of 500 microns below the specimen surface. With the use of FocusClear™ to significantly increase the effectiveness of laser excitation and detection of color and fluorescence, obtained microscopic image quality will be greatly improved. Samples labeled with fluorescence and non-fluorescence dyes including lipophilic dyes, such as DiI, DiD and NBD-ceramide can be directly transferred from water, buffer solutions, alcohol, DMSO, DMF, and glycerin into FocusClear™ solution.
  • A water-soluble clearing agent that increases the transparency of biological tissues.
  • Allows for visualization of internal objects up to 500 μm below the tissue surface. 
  • Increases depth of view by at least 2X over traditional glycerol-based mounting media. 
  • Increases the efficacy of laser excitation and optical signal detection of either color or fluorescence. 
  • Suitable for immunofluorescent-labelled single cells and tissues, in situ hybridization, tissue or whole-mount immunohistochemistry and fluorescent protein samples.


Product Specifications


Application Animal: brain, kidney, heart, stomach, intestine, liver, lung, pancreas, skin
Insect: brain, ventral nerve cord, ovary
Biomaterial : collagen matrix
Clearing Solitary use Recommended
0.5~1mm depth tissue slice
With CLARITY* Recommended Whole organ
With SCALEVIEW** Not recommended
Solitary use Within 1 Hour
Immunostaining Compatibility Yes
Fluorescent protein Compatibility Yes
Organic dye Compatibility Yes
Lipophilic dye Compatibility Yes
Objective lens Objective lens with high NA and long WD is suggested,
Leica HCX IRAPOL 25X water-immersion objective, NA 0.95, WD 2.4mm;
Zeiss 20X W-PlanApochromat objective, NA 1.0, WD 2.0 mm
Olympus XLSLPLN25XSVMP objective, NA 0.9, WD 8.0 mm
Cat. No. FC-101 FC-102 FC-103
Format 5ml 50ml 500ml
Storage 4~30

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