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  • FocusClear reagent is paramount to
    obtain the best transparency.


CelExplorer Labs is dedicated on the mission to offer researchers high quality and user-friendly cell and tissue image at microscopy. We focused significant time and effort on developing the most advanced bio-image technology to innovate a new generation of high resolution vision tools.
We must dedicate on our business, bio-image foundry, and not distract ourselves with other pursuits.
Since the company was founded, we have treated our customers as partners. At CEL, customers come first. Their success is our success, and we value their ability to compete as we value our own.
Innovation is the wellspring of CEL growth. It is vital to all sectors of our business, from strategic planning to marketing to management to technology and production.


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FocusClear™ is non-toxic, ready to use and a water-soluble clearing agent for enhancing the transpar...


DeepClear is a tissue clearing solution with a reflection index of RI: 1.52 suitable for single cell...


MountClear™ is a mountant which specially designed for mounting specimens cleared by the FocusClear™...

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