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FocusClear™ is non-toxic, ready to use and a water-soluble clearing agent for enhancing the transparency of cross-linking agent-fixed biological specimens and its clearing effect is able to reach up to a depth of 500 microns below the specimen surface.


DeepClear is a tissue clearing solution with a reflection index of RI: 1.52 suitable for single cell imaging and


MountClear™ is a mountant which specially designed for mounting specimens cleared by the FocusClear™. MountClear™ does NOT interfere the clearing effect of FocusClear™. In addition, it has anti-quenching, non-fluorescence and quick clotting characteristics.

Immersion Solution-M

Immersion Solution-M is an immersion solution with a refraction index matching to those of MountClear™. They are designed to avoid deformation of the observed images during high-resolution microscopic observation that using glycerin or water immersion objective lens.

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