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FocusClear™ KIT have it all

The best combination we recommend Include a bottle of FocusClearTM, MountClearTM, Immersion Solution-M


FocusClear™ is non-toxic, ready to use and a water-soluble clearing agent for enhancing the transparency of cross-linking agent-fixed biological specimens and its clearing effect is able to reach up to a depth of 500 microns below the specimen surface.


DeepClear is a tissue clearing solution with a reflection index of RI: 1.52 suitable for single cell imaging and


MountClear™ is a mountant which specially designed for mounting specimens cleared by the FocusClear™. MountClear™ does NOT interfere the clearing effect of FocusClear™. In addition, it has anti-quenching, non-fluorescence and quick clotting characteristics.

Immersion Solution-M

Immersion Solution-M is an immersion solution with a refraction index matching to those of MountClear™. They are designed to avoid deformation of the observed images during high-resolution microscopic observation that using glycerin or water immersion objective lens.

Ready to experiment T-maze package kit

It a set that has everything ready and you can start your experiment right after you assemble out of the box


Fly Training Machine Systems is an easy handle and the user-friendly system which was a modified version of T-maze teaching machine. The Fly Training Machine Systems includes a main module, one shock training tube, two odor testing tubes, with some other fitting componence. Fly Training Machine which is now considered one of the most recommended methods of choice for the study of Pavlovian learning and memory in Drosophila.


OptoTmaze is a set of LED stimulation machine, composed of 1 traditional T-maze machine, 1 blue LED (473 nm) light box for Channelrhodopsin-2 stimulation and 1 yellow LED (580 nm) light box for ReaChR or NpHR stimulation. Each light box contains 16 high power LEDs

1 Shock Training Tube

Electric shock tubes for a T-maze experiment

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